Stetler and Rachael


Whitney and Brian Wedding


Cassie and Travis


Trynda and Jordan


Lauren and Jeremy Wedding


Baby Brooks


Jackie - Maternity Pics


Allie and Ethan Engagements


Allie and Ethan Wedding


Leah and Jarreau Bridals


Madison and Jose Formals


Dan & Madison, photo/video team

“How do we preserve those moments that have made an indelible impact on our lives? We seek out the team that has our best interest at heart.

Dan and Madison Herbas are that team for you. Their creatively regal style infused with their exciting personalities will make you feel comfortable, like you’re hanging out with friends, while still producing some of the finest work in the business. They are both educated by two of the finest Artistic programs in the state of Utah. Madison studied her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Brigham Young University and has been photographing weddings for 13 years, while Daniel completed his training and education from Utah Valley University, earning a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Film.

Weddings, and all that they entail, only skim the surface of what this dynamic duo has to offer. They’ve been hired by reputable companies in the State of Utah and other states to shoot business advertisements, fashion shows, professional car races, and last year was asked to be the photographer for a big wedding Giveaway with Utah Weddings, featured on numerous blogs and was on segments for the TV show "Fresh Living" talking about Utah Wedding Photography and Videography.  Mad Marie Photo & Video is truly one of the best Utah Wedding Photographer and Videographer companies that you can hire.

With all of the professional and unprofessional choices you can find in this day and age, why wouldn’t you choose the team that captures the best version of you and your family. Madison and Dan listen to their clients’ concerns and suggestions while offering their utmost professional opinion. A good photographer knows that you can only create beautiful work when the subject of your work feels at ease. Investing in Mad Marie Photography for your photography or video needs is investing in the moments you want to always remember.” - Amy K.


Nicole (Mother of the Bride)

"Not only were you a great photographer that knew how to pose people, but you were very efficient. I didn't have to worry about a thing because you knew exactly what pictures to take and where. An added bonus was how you went the extra mile in helping us with the flow of the reception events.  Your experience and calm demeanor put me at ease and I knew that there was nothing to stress over. Thank you again for your beautiful work and the excellent advice you gave to help everything run so smoothly.   You are definitely hired for our other daughter's weddings."

-Nicole (Mother of The Bride)

Mallory & Landon

" The best of all, the one’s who captured every special moment and made them even more special was Madison & Dan Herbas.  I can’t tell you enough how incredible they are. They’ve become part of the family because in the last 10 months they’ve photographed 3 weddings for our family.  We have had endless amounts of compliments on our wedding pictures and video, it amazes me, they’re still coming. The night of the wedding reception, it seemed that’s what everyone was talking about was the pictures! Its not easy to find that kind of talent and we were truly blessed to have them.  Hands down, undeniably, I will never recommend anyone else ever, Mad Marie Photography is THE BEST, period. And, they’re the sweetest people ever and make what could be a very stressful thing to deal with so enjoyable. There is just something so calming about them, which makes you absolutely enjoy engagements, bridals and the wedding day. I could go on forever about how impressed I am with them, BOTTOM LINE is look no further please."

-Mallory & Landon 

Katelin & Trace

"My camera shy fiance warmed up to Madison within five minutes! Our photos were natural, candid, and beautiful. We dealt with rain, snow, and wind, and Madison's editing skills gave us the perfect pictures we were hoping for! We would recommend her to anyone!"

-Katelin & Trace

Madison & Jose

"We have watched our wedding video a thousand times the last few weeks and everytime we do I cry, I laugh and then I cry again. It is so incredible... you and Dan are so talented and we are so grateful for you. You captured every moment so beautifully and highlighted the event so well, thank you for your hard work and creativity to bless us with something we will share for a lifetime!"

-Madison & Jose 

Mindy & Luis

"There are not enough words to describe my amazing experience with this photographer. First, the value is incredible. You get above and beyond what you pay for here, she really does make it possible to afford a GREAT photographer. Second, Madison was so great to work with and the pictures she takes are so beautiful. SOOOOOO many compliments on my engagement photos on our invites and our groomal photos. Her husband is her videographer and he is equally as AMAZING and our pre-wedding video takes your breath away. The memories that Madison and Dan captured for me will be cherished forever."

-Mindy & Luis 


Karina & Chandler

"I first saw their work at my older brother's wedding and I loved her work. I kept her info for when I got married 2yrs later and never regret it. They were awesome to work with. Madison directed us on what to do when taking pictures for the engagements and Bridals. We had a hard time picking one photo for our invitation because they all were so good. My wedding day came around and they captured all the beautiful moments with the pictures and the wedding video. She even took over the wedding for me so I wouldn't have to worry about the program. What photographer does that?!? Basically everything was amazing. Loved them both. We have referred many clients to her and they loved her. She is our family's photographer. And she's my photographer for LIFE. You will never regret hiring her."

-Karina & Chandler

Kimberlee & Carter

"Madison did my photography for my wedding and she did such a great job! I absolutely love both my bridals and wedding photos and I would tell all my friends and family to use her. We loved her so much that we're using her as our family photographer too!"

-Kimberlee & Carter

Cristi & Matt

"Madison and Dan are an amazing package couple! Not only was I pleased with my photography but my personalized video as well. Madison was always in contact with me and kept up with all my demanding bridal requests. My husband and I have been so pleased with their services we have continued to use them to capture the memories of our growing family. I wouldn't recommend anyone to trust with being apart of such a special day!!"

-Cristi & Matt

Kami & Brad

"Madison and Dan are amazing! They made our wedding day that much more perfect. She is professional and super nice. My husband and I were nervous to take pictures but she made us feel so comfortable that we actually got in a lake for part of our engagement shoot. Madison made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in the world at my bridal session and I can't thank her enough. My husband and I were so happy with how everything turned out, we will definitely be using Mad Marie Photography for future events to come. She's our family photographer!!!  I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Maddie!"