Kendall and Ricky - Little Sahara Sand Dunes Bridal Session
March 6, 2020
Courtney and Jashon - Winter Engagements in American Fork Canyon
March 5, 2020
Hannah & Taylor - Bridals at Tibble Fork Reservoir
January 22, 2020
Sara & Alex - Antelope Island Bridals
January 18, 2020



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Kendall and Ricky


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Allie and Ethan Wedding



Kendall and Ricky - Little Sahara Sand Dunes Bridal Session

Pretty amazing when your bride and groom meet all the way over in Cambodia! Their love story is so sweet and I can't get over anytime someone falls in love and happens to meet their person halfway across the world. Ricky is originally from Cambodia and Kendall was serving an LDS Mission the same time he was serving a mission in Cambodia. Kendall was adopted as a baby from China by her wonderful mom. I can't say enough good things about these two and their families. These two were a dream to photograph and the Little Sahara Sand Dunes near Nephi, Utah was an awesome location to take them to. The weather was amazing (which tends to be a gamble any time you take pictures at Little Sahara). It's known for having high winds most of the time so I always advise my brides to have their hair pulled back to some degree to help if it is windy. There is no doubt though that with the look of the sand, the wind look is fun and dreamy out there and goes along great for a fun session. This is one of those sessions where I could literally post every single shot out of the couple hundred I gave them but alas I shall resist the urge. Enjoy!


Courtney and Jashon - Winter Engagements in American Fork Canyon

Courtney and Jashon are a dynamite duo that we were thrilled with the chance to work with. I loved Courtney's edgy style and oh my heck her EYES! Easy to see that Jashon fell hard when he met her. As winter goes, it turned out to be a very windy and snowy day in the valley but over the years I have learned that you can find good protection from the wind in the canyon. So don't give up hope if, like them, rescheduling doesn't work for the bride and groom. The snow was awesome and we were protected for the majority of the session in American Fork Canyon and at Tibble Fork Reservoir.

Hannah & Taylor - Bridals at Tibble Fork Reservoir

Love couples that are up for anything and Hannah and Taylor were just that. I tease my couples that I'm a weather girl on the side, because on the day of shoots (and the days leading up to a shoot), I'm constantly looking and updating my clients for what the weather forecast will be. Sometimes though, the weather app is wrong and we showed up to the start of a snow shower at Tibble Fork Reservoir that wasn't in the forecast. These two wanted to go ahead with their session and boy am I glad they did. When snow is falling soft and straight it is STUNNING in photo and video. Loved this snowy winter bridal session at Tibble Fork Reservoir so much. The falling snow was a perfect touch.


Sara & Alex - Antelope Island Bridals

Winter bridal and formal sessions are some of my most favorite to do. Nothing more gorgeous than a wedding dress that becomes it's own kind of "pop" against the snowy background. Sara and Alex wanted to have a fun background so we headed to Antelope Island for their session. Sara is beyond gorgeous don't you think?


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Madison & Dan are a dynamic duo, Husband and Wife Utah based Photo & Video Team.  They struggled with infertility their entire marriage and were lead to adopt their beautiful son Thatcher.  A few years later, while starting the process to be able to adopt again, they found that they were miraculously pregnant for the first time in their ten years of marriage, and just welcomed another beautiful boy last year.  Madison has been photographing Weddings Professionally for 15 years.  Having majored in Photography at BYU, you are hiring someone who has a far and wide understanding of different lighting situations, is a consistent and sharp shooter, and knows how to pose you so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  She knows how to navigate the complexities and timeline schedule of a wedding day to ensure that you get all the images you are wanting without you having to stress or worry about what comes next.  Dan majored in film and received his Bacholor of Science at UVU.  They love working together and the ease it brings their clients since they are coordinating with eachother on scheduling and only having to go through one company.  Dan is a magician working around Madison and capturing the things he needs while she is shooting and posing the couples, making sessions extremely efficient and comfortable for everyone.